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Gypsy Moth Spraying 2022

This is a message from the the County of Oscoda regarding the Gypsy Moth spraying program for 2022. If there are any questions regarding this, Please contact the Gypsy Moth Spraying Program at 989-826-1129, or email gypsymothprogram@oscodacountymi.com.
**To receive automatic updates when they are available about the 2022 spraying, please email gypsymothprogram@oscodacountymi.com, and add "Contact List 2022" in the subject header.**

"This years Gypsy Moth program is just beginning. Unlike last year the County of Oscoda will be participating in an egg mass survey to determine areas for a targeted spraying. Parcels within the targeted area will be notified, with the chance to opt out, and will not be expected to share in the cost.

The County is also hoping to offer a ground based spraying option for smaller parcels or spraying directly around dwellings and a large parcel opt in program for parcels (or group of parcels) above 40 acres. Both of these programs, IF offered will require parcel owners to share in the cost of spraying. Parcels that participated in previous years spraying will be considered last in an attempt to service as much of the county as possible.

As of October 31st 2021 the county has not entered into a contract with any spraying company and therefore does not have information regarding the expense. When more information becomes available it will be announced on our website (www.oscodacountymi.com), through the Oscoda County Herald, at our public Board meetings, and posted within the county building (311 S Morenci St, Mio MI).

A notice similar to this will be accompanying every tax bill issued in the winter of 2021 with a potential update to accompany March Change Notices.

The coordinators office can be contacted via the below means.

Phone: 989-826-1129
Email: gypsymothprogram@oscodacountymi.com
Or at the Equalization Department in the County Building at 311 S Morenci St, Mio MI 48647 most Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. **

When calling or emailing please leave not only your name and contact number, but your Tax ID number and parcel size. The last two pieces of information will help the coordinator assist you in finding the best program that is available.

The Coordinator, Mrs. Amber Woehlert, is our Equalization Director and works inside the county building three days a week so we ask for your patience when waiting for a response to any communication. We are aiming for a 48hr turn around time.

Note that for another week your may receive an automated message from our email server saying the 2021 spray program is over, this will be taken care of once the weekend has passed and our IT department can turn off the automated response system.

**Please note the Equalization Department Appraisers can only take your name, phone number, email, and Tax ID numbers if the coordinator is not physically in the office, so please be kind and patient with them."