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Assisting You In Managing Your Natural Resources
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Forestry Referrals for the Landowner               Referral information for the Professional
Are you curious about how to get assistance with a timber harvest or have a management plan written for your forest property?  We can help you narrow the search for that professional that is right for you and your management goals.

Would you like to learn about how the planning or harvesting process works before you retain a consultant? We can help.  Through the Forestry Assistance Program our Forester, Kelly Sinnaeve, can work with you to determine your management goals, assess your forest resources, and discuss planning, harvesting, tree & shrub planting, cost share programs and possible tax implications.
The Referral Process:  
How to find a forest professional 
to write your plan or handle your harvest.

1. Schedule a site visit with a CD Forester.
2. Determine your long term goals for managing your forested lands.
3. Walk the property with your CD forester and discuss your concerns for the property. Learn how the referral process works. Determine what actions to take to achieve your forest management goals.
4. Your CD Forester will assess your property and briefly describe your project.
5. Your CD forester will post your referral on our website and email your referral to the Qualified Foresters listed for your County. They have two weeks to respond whether they are interested in your project.
6. Your CD forester will prepare and send you a document that lists all the Forest professionals who have indicated that are interested in your project along with their contact information. 
7. You will contact Consultants and determine if they are compatible with your management philosophy.  
8. Approximately one month later the CD Forester will call to find out if you have found a professional to handle your management concerns.

The Forestry Assistance Program works to provide an initial professional contact with landowners who are interested in forest management on their property. Our role is to provide general guidance and information and facilitate referrals to other public and private resource professionals.

Consultants interested in pursuing the project described below should respond to Oscoda Conservation District  at oscodacd@gmail.com by email within two weeks of any of the posting. You may include additional relevant information in your responses pertaining to the project. We will then forward your information to the landowner. We encourage landowners to contact all of the consultants who reply in a timely fashion, but the choice remains with the individual landowner. Our office will follow up with landowners to ensure they get the assistance they need.

Please contact us if you would like more information on any project, we may have other information such as notes, maps, and digital photographs or if you would like to be added to our Qualified Foresters List. Contact Kelly Sinnaeve , CD Forester, Oscoda County Conservation District, P.O. Box 820, Mio MI 48647, 989-826-8824 office or  oscodacd@gmail.com 

Current Referr​als for Ogemaw & Oscoda Counties
(updated 1/26/16 most recent posting first)

Forestry Referral Number: 65-18-10
Original Date Posted: 7/25/18
Location: Ogemaw county
Acreage: 300
Project: Forest management plan

Forestry Referral Number: 68-18-10
Original Date Posted: 7/23/18
Location: Oscoda County
Acres: 25.6
Project: Brush removal

Forestry Referral Number: 68-18-09
Original Date Posted: 7/23/18
Location: Oscoda County
Acres: 74 (split in 2 parcels of 34 and 40 acres)
Project: Forest management plan

Forestry Referral Number: 65-18-07
Original Date Posted: 7/5/18
Location: Ogemaw County
Acres: 60
Project: Firewood/dead ash removal

Forestry Referral Number: 65-18-06
Original Date Posted: 6/21/18   
Location: Ogemaw County
Acres: N/A - Right-of-way
Project: Expert testimony on value of trees removed by neighbor along a right-of-way

Forestry Referral Number: 68-18-02
Original Date Posted: 5/11/18
Location: Big Creek Township, Oscoda County
Acres: 34
Project Type: Forest Management Plan

Forestry Referral Number: 65-18-05
Original Date Posted: 5/11/18
Location: Logan Township, Ogemaw County
Acres: 18
Project Type: Timber Harvest

Forestry Referral Number: 65-18-02
Original Date Posted: 11/30/17 Referral Response End Date: 12/14/17
Location: West Branch Township, Ogemaw County
Acres: 39 ac.
Project Type: Timber Harvest

Forestry Referral Number: 65-18-01
Original Date Posted: 11/30/17 Referral Response End Date: 12/14/17
Location: Horton Township, Ogemaw County
Acres: 40 ac.
Project Type: Timber Harvest