Oscoda County Conservation District
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Tree planting information and assistance with species and site selection.
Forest management planning and plan writing referrals.
Forest Health Assessments (including oak wilt)
Harvesting, thinning and forest industry information and referrals. 
Wildlife habitat enhancement, protection and restoration.
Speaking engagements for schools & groups interested in forestry, wildlife & conservation topics.
Tree Farm planning, enrollment and inspection.
Assistance with Tax Programs such as Qualified Forest Program and Commercial Forest Program
Guidance with government cost share programs. 

Oscoda County Conservation District 
Forestry Assistance Programs

Our Forestry Assistance Program is designed to educate landowners and managers about timber harvest and sales, forest health, tree and shrub planting, forest management and planning, forest tax implications and wetland and wildlife management, enhancement and protection. We will help you find the professionals that can facilitate your forest management goals by facilitating a referral process with private forest consultants, industrial foresters and public agencies that provide cost share programs.

To Request 
Forestry Assistance please

Contact our Forester Hunter Dickinson

P.O. Box 820
Mio, MI 48647


Please call or email to schedule a free site visit.

Hunter is a graduate from Michigan State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Forestry, with a minor in Environmental and Sustainability Studies.

Soil Sample Kits
For $20, the Conservation District can assist and provide landowners with soil sample kits. The most basic soil samples will show levels organic matter, available Phosphorus, exchangeable Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium, soil pH, Buffer pH, Cation Exchange Capacity, and percent base saturation of Cations. Knowing this can help give landowners better success with basic gardening, food plots, and so much more. Please contact the Conservation District for more info!